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Chapter 3 - Be a Historian - Learning from Other Systems

Brian Clark, Founder & CEO of Copyblogger Media, once shared that the best way for us to learn and improve upon our marketing ecosystem was to study other systems. That advice has moved me to examine politics, law, healthcare and even sports systems in an effort to illuminate what drives success. The goal is exploring the successes and failures of other industries and verticals and adopting their best methods for teaching, innovating and succeeding. This chapter is dedicated to illuminating opportunity to create deeper sustainability in digital marketing.


Mark Cuban, backer of startups such as Cyberdust and owner of the Dallas Mavericks shares his approach for innovation and change. "Don't worry about being wrong. You'll get feedback...and worst case scenario you learned something".

Cuban pointed out that teams were spending $1 million dollars or more per player, yet there were a total of 3 coaches responsible for coaching the entire team and the development of the team. "We were spending more on training for computers than we were for training our team to be better basketball players."

Cuban's idea of having dedicated player development coaches was initially met with criticism, now every team has more player development coaches than players.

Ask CMO's their biggest frustration when working with agencies they will say inexperience of resources on their account. Agencies need to invest in their "players" in a way that's sustainable. I love this hypothetical conversation between a CEO and a believer in investing in your staff, CEO "What if we invest all of this time to make them them the best and they leave?" Believer, "What if they don't?"

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