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References + Recommendations

Shade Vaughn
Chief Marketing Officer, North America at Capgemini, past SVP Communications at Razorfish Global

"Lisa is one of the most talented individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I was lucky enough to partner with her on a program designed to educate thought leaders on the latest techniques in authorship. She has an incredibly positive and upbeat approach to her work and is one of the sharpest minds in the business. She's a true pro."

Jason Tabeling
Senior Vice President, Digital at Brandmuscle, past Partner at Rosetta

"Lisa is a passionate and skilled digital marketing professional, with a deep core expertise in organic search (SEO). Her ability to stay ahead of the market trends and promote integration, strategy, and be a strong mentor were some of her best assets."


Kurt Krejny
VP Marketing LinkMedia 360, Past Director Rosetta

"Lisa has a passion and enthusiasm for online marketing that is instantly apparent from the moment you meet her. In addition to being one of the most genuine and nicest people you'll meet, she brings a clear vision for the future of content marketing as it relates to business results. Lisa's leadership in starting the SEMCLE+ organization demonstrates her interest in promoting the search marketing industry and connecting bright individuals to network and share information. I'd highly recommend Lisa as a professional to connect with to talk shop about where the search marketing industry has been, where it is at, and where it is going."


Claudette (Fremgen) John
Avery Dennison Online Trade Marketing Manager

"Lisa has been an integral part of numerous Avery Dennison projects. Her insight and expertise in Search Engine Optimization and Web Site Development have been extremely beneficial to our organization. Lisa is passionate about her work and always goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients receive the best possible outcome. She is a trusted thought partner and I am happy to recommend her."


Hallie Janssen
Director of Market Development at Opal , past VP of Marketing & Digital Solutions at Oregonian Media Group, Past President SEMpdx

"Lisa is a true asset to SEMpdx and has grown our membership with a lot of thought and care. She has great ideas on how to reach new members and engage and provide value to our current members. Aside from SEMpdx, she's a wonderful networker and just an amazing lady to know. I feel lucky to have worked with her!"


Stephan Mack
Getty Images

"Lisa provided workshops on the methodology, platforms, workflow and processes to integrate our teams across multiple disciplines (content, search, PR & social) and multiple teams (London, NY, Seattle, Calgary). Lisa understands the processes and tools necessary for digital integration as well as how to get search into the DNA of a company. We would highly recommend her."


Ken Whiteman
Co-Founder at Pfriem Family Brewers/Owner of Hitchsource

"Lisa is an SEO rockstar! She has done wonders for our Google rankings by working incredibly hard and by leveraging her large network of contacts. I simply can't say enough good things about her firm."


Rick Day
Group Manager Epson Corporation, Past Avery Dennison Director

"Lisa Williams has a deep level of expertise and knowledge within web services, most notably in the area of paid and natural search optimization. She keeps on top of all the latest learnings and then applies it to her current projects. As an added benefit she is an excellent thought partner when it comes to web topics. I'd highly recommend her."


Amy Weissfeld
Sen. Director of Business Development at 4-Tell

"Lisa has been a pleasure to work with. She's a wealth of information in the SEM world and was willing to work with us over a period of time to implement her many suggestions. Always reasonable, on time and a leader in her field. Thanks for the expert advice, Lisa!"


Robb Bell
Proprietor/Cathedral Ridge Winery

"Lisa is very knowledgable and current on best web practices--she has a very orderly process and is a brilliant natural search player who generates excellent results."


Jen Konecny
Account Director at LinkMedia 360, past Rosetta Marketing Manager

"Lisa brought a new level of energy, thought leadership and marketing expertise to the Paid, Owned and Earned Media team at Rosetta. A strong leader with new ideas, Lisa inspired team members and fostered client relationships. This SEO expert is skilled at building and growing teams as well as managing multiple diverse projects. Lisa would be an asset to any marketing team."


Katie Luechauer
Account Executive at Geomotry Global

"Lisa will provide a breath of fresh air to any environment or team. Her ability to motivate and manage everyone she works with is inspiring. I would tell anyone - regardless if you work in SEO or not - to get to know and work with Lisa Williams if you have the chance. She was a wonderful co-worker, and continues to be an inspirational mentor and friend. She will make your team stronger, more efficient, more creative, and just an overall better team in the long run."


Samantha Irwin
Owner/Historic Balch Hotel

"Lisa has been pivotal to the success of our online presence and helping us grow our hotel and wedding business. She's professional, yet very personal, I consider her a friend and I'm happy to recommend her."

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