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Speaking + Training

I love speaking and educating on Digital Marketing because it challenges my ideas in an industry that changes so quickly it can boast no gurus. I've educated more than 10,000 people on integration of digital strategy, content strategy, search optimization, social, data governance, and CRM. I'm grateful to be educated by smart people who share what they're learning. I've been honored to present at more than 50 conferences and have provided more than 20 workshops and training sessions regionally, nationally and internationally. Let me know how I can help with your conference or training.

Taking Notes


2024 SEMPDX What's New in Digital Marketing in 2024 Panel

2023 HCIC Healthcare Internet Conference Master Class

2023 HCIC Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Judge

2023 Podcast Growth & Loyalty:  A Battle for the Heart of Healthcare Consumers

2023 eHealthcare Strategy & Trends: Data Governance Webinar

2023 SEMpdx Digital Trends

2022 HMPS Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit 

2022 SHSMD Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development

2022 University of San Francisco: School of Management

2022 Health How it Got Made

2022 US Search Awards Judge

2022 HCIC Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Judge

2021 Fierce Healthcare Digital Healthcare Panel Webinar

2021 US Search Awards Judge

2020 Healthcare Internet Conference Webinar

2020 Engage Portland

2020 US Search Awards Judge

2020 Healthgrades Healthleaders Series

2019 Healthcare Internet Conference Orlando 

2019 US Search Awards Judge

2019 Engage Portland

2018 US Search Awards Judge

2018 Wharton School of Business Customer Centricity Conference (attendee)

2018 AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) Seattle

2018 Engage Portland

2017 OHSU MS Healthcare Management (Healthcare Marketing MGT 569)

2017 US Search Awards Judge 

2017 Healthcare Internet Conference Austin

2017 Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit Austin

2017 Engage Portland

2017 SEMpdx Portland

2016 Healthcare Internet Conference

2016 Seattle Interactive Conference

2016 Delight Conference

2016 AMAPDX Awards Judge

2016 US Search Awards Judge

2016 Communicators Conference Portland

2016 SEMpdx Portland

2015 US Search Awards Judge

2015 SMX Advanced Seattle
2015 SMX West San Jose
2014 SMX Advanced Seattle
2014 SMX West San Jose
2014 SMX East New York
2014 Integrated Marketing Summit Atlanta
2014 ClickZ/SES Chicago
2014 SEMPO Atlanta
2014 ClickZ/SES Chicago
2013 BrightEdge Share13
2013 SMX Advanced Seattle
2013 ClickZ/SES Chicago
2013 ClickZ/SES San Francisco
2012 SMX West San Jose
2012 SMX London
2012 ClickZ/SES San Francisco
2012 ClickZ/SES Chicago
2011 SMX East New York
2011 SMX Social Scottsdale
2011 SES New York
2010 SMX Advanced Seattle
2010 SMX West San Jose
2010 Online Marketing Summit Portland
2010 SES East New York
2009 InnoTech Portland
2009 Software Association of Oregon Portland
2009 SMX East New York
2009 Oregonian/JournoPDX
2008 Software Association of Oregon Portland
2008 SearchFest Portland
2008 SMX West Santa Clara

Training + Workshops

-Google's Place in the Patient Journey

-Digital and the Patient Journey

-Transparency: The Website Triple Aim

-Applying Ecommerce Strategies to Healthcare

-Building a Content Roadmap

-Spending time in the Data Layer
-Synergies, Not Silos: Integration of Paid, Owned & Earned
-The CMO Digital Marketing Dashboard
-Influencer Identification & Outreach
-25 Top Social Marketing Lessons for Search Marketers
-Content KPI’s that Matter
-Creating Contracts for Relationship & Revenue
-Leveraging Sales, Customer Service and Search Teams for Content Mapping to the Customer Journey
-Content Marketing Methodology & Measurement
-Expertise Online - Authority that Leads to Audience

-Leadership, Task Completion & Alignment

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