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Chapter 7 - Be an Embracer of Your "Why" - Knowing Why You Exist

It wasn't surprising that having impact on strategy ranked high on practitioners lists of success metrics for continued client engagement.

In learning how companies retain talent, partners and relationships "knowing your why" emerged as an enormously important factor.

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast". This quote from Peter Drucker (there's debate if he said this first) speaks volumes to one of digital marketing's biggest issues today and that's "knowing your why".

When agencies hire quickly, pay well, burn out and turn over, that churn is one of the most threatening crisis to digital marketing. It's been hard to solve because initially onlne marketing excellence was born of great individual effort and bucking the odds with singular grit and determination. The industry has rewarded behaving like this is the Wild West, but it's time for us to homestead and put thought into our "why" as recommended in Simon Sinek's books, "Start with Why" and "Leaders Eat Last".

Stating your values is the easy part. Aligning values with behavior is the hard part. As digital marketing organizations it's recommended we have metrics to assess culture just as we apply metrics to every other part of the business.

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