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Rebecca Lieb on Allowing for Change in Digital Marketing

Rebecca Lieb on Allowing for Change in Digital Marketing

Rebecca Lieb is an analyst at Altimeter Group where she covers content marketing, content strategy, and digital advertising and media — areas that encompass brands, publishers, agencies, and technology vendors. Lieb is known for her contribution to in-depth research on today's most difficult digital marketing issues; including mobile usability and content governance. She shared her insight into the importance of allowing for change in marketing strategy.

"To market effectively requires a strategy, but a simple fact that eludes many marketers is that you are allowed to change the strategy. That's where sustainability comes in. Media consumption patterns change, messaging changes, goals shift, customers change, and so do products. Yet for some reason, marketers believe that once a strategy is established, it's set in stone and unalterable. In the rapidly shifting landscape of digital marketing and media, it's essential to establish a strategy; to know why you are doing what you're doing and how that goal will be achieved.

But that in no way precludes frequents checks, shifts, tweaks and adjustments to stay on course. That's how marketing becomes fluid, agile and sustainable."

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