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What Marketers Can Learn from the Military

People in my family have been in the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines and structuring leadership and execution in such large instituions has always been fascinating. I've learned a great deal from the lessons acquired from a Marine handbook that was created over a dozen years in a more than 200 year old institution. Not the least of which is that to meet the goals and challenges presented, leaders must have the respect of their followers. If followers do not believe their leader is operating from a foundation of shared values that leader will be ineffective. The success of the entire movement depends on the ability of a single person, then on the local successes of the smaller units that all ladder to the larger objectives of the team. "Marines believe that to be a Marine is special; that those good enough to become Marines are special and that the institution in which they are bonded is special."

Senior SEO Manager for Disney Interactive Jeffrey Preston leverages the training of Navy Seals to help align multiple teams on a shared goal. Understanding "commanders intent" and assuring everyone has first, role clarity and second, ownership of their part that contributes to the whole is imperative to success. When his team was charged with integrating and collaborating to bring more than 200 sites into one domain he leveraged knowledge about how Navy Seals become aligned on one goal and thrive as individuals as well as a team.

How do you help your teams and those you lead understand "commanders intent"?

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