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How to Identify and Pursue Your Ideal Role in 9 Steps

If you're in the middle of a job hunt, sitting down to craft your "What does my perfect job look like?" document is a really fun and inspiring exercise.

1. Define the Objective:

  • Live the maxim "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work".

  • Grow and retain a loyal patient base for a large healthcare system.

2. Craft the Summary:

  • The VP of Integrated Marketing and Technology will lead and shape marketing technology strategy and operations. This pivotal role involves taking charge of a broad spectrum of marketing technology solutions while fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. This position will drive the integration and optimization of technology platforms to elevate marketing capabilities and customer engagement.

  • The VP of Integrated Marketing and Technology, will be responsible for a diverse set of technology functions, encompassing web development, CRM, marketing automation, and beyond. This role is instrumental in aligning the marketing technology ecosystem with industry standards, ensuring seamless integration, and leveraging technology to drive business success.

  • Flexibility to lean into other roles as a human:

    • Mother to two amazing kids and second mom to their great partners.

    • Wife to my interesting, BBQ-smoking, album catalog-having, poster-collecting, and Phish band-loving husband.

    • Daughter, granddaughter, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend to some amazing people.

    • Dog mom to three cattle dogs (you read that right, three:)

    • Grand poobah of organizing glasses in the buffet because we love having supper clubs, game nights (Scrabble!), and other social activities that involve food and good drinks.

    • Wanna be chef, reader of such delights as "Let's Make Ramen" and "Consider the Fork".

    • Passionate reader of books, like audio but prefer holding the book in my hand.

    • Committed to 8 hours and 10 minutes of sleep...every day. You'll like me more and I'll be a better producer and leader.

    • Meditator, walker, and bubble bath taker. All things that make me a better human.

3. Define the Strategic Responsibilities:

Marketing Technology Strategy and Leadership

  • Develops and executes a comprehensive marketing technology strategy that aligns with organizational goals and industry best practices.

  • Provides visionary leadership and direction to cross-functional teams, fostering innovation, collaboration, and a customer-centric mindset.

  • Oversees the integration, optimization, and expansion of our marketing technology stack to drive customer engagement, data-driven decision-making, and ROI.

  • Champions industry standards and trends in marketing technology, ensuring we remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

  • Works collaboratively with C-Suite to align on the roadmap.

Technology Implementation and Integration

  • Oversees the execution of marketing technology projects, ensuring seamless development and integration of web applications, CRM, and marketing automation systems.

  •  Collaborates with the Director of CX/UX, Web Design & Development, and Marketing to ensure harmonious coordination of efforts between development and production teams, aligning strategies to deliver optimal user experiences.

  • Maintains quality control for all technology projects, conducting thorough assessments and ensuring they align with industry standards and our marketing technology ecosystem.

  • Aligns all technology projects with a broader marketing technology ecosystem, ensuring seamless integration and data flow.

  • Provides consultation and oversight to our CRM and Marketing Automation platforms, optimizing these systems to drive customer engagement and marketing effectiveness.

  • Ability to ask honest pressing questions about the friction patients are experiencing every day and permission to propose work to mitigate that friction.

5. Define Oversight Priorities:

  • Directs and supervises the work of front-end and back-end web and application developers, ensuring that their efforts align with the organization's technology strategy.

  • Oversees development projects for websites and other digital channels, guiding them through all phases of the project life cycle.

  • Provides day-to-day maintenance for existing sites and applications, ensuring their optimal performance.

  • Supports the coordination of efforts between development and production teams to best execute strategies set by patient experience strategy.

  • Conducts quality checks for all front-end and back-end development projects.

  • Recognizes the truth that diversity means a lot of things, including how we think. Our different backgrounds, cultures, and upbringing mean we think differently about problem-solving. No one "type" of thinker makes all the decisions. We take our jagged rocks of how we think and we polish those rocks...we discuss, debate, and decide together and carve an imperfect, but better path forward.

6. Define Leadership and Team Management:

  • Guides and develops a dynamic team.

  • Mentors their mastery of technical skills required

  • Cultivates a culture of continuous development and exceptional employee engagement.

  • Has permission to care deeply and challenge personally up and down the org chart.

7. Define Budget Management:

Manages a budget of ~$XX million inclusive of critical platforms vital for the department's operations (e.g. CMS, CRM, Online Scheduling, Event Management, etc.).

  • Thought Leadership and Professional Advancement:

  • Leads at the forefront of healthcare, marketing, and technology trends, leveraging expertise to serve as a knowledgeable leader and resource within the organization.

  • Drives proficiency in the latest technology tools to propose innovative methods for optimizing marketing technology platforms.

  • Actively investigates high-performing organizations to shape the future by staying current on emerging marketing technologies and platforms.

  • Participates in networking conferences and other venues for deep learning and restorative therapy we experience as humans trying to solve some really big and important problems.

8. Define Education or Equivalent Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in Technology, Computer Science/MIS, Marketing, or related field.

  • 27+ years of experience working in a related field.

  • Previous experience in a healthcare organization.

9. Skills/Abilities:

  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to plan and execute multiple complex projects, while resourcefully managing risks and communicating with stakeholders.

  • Ability to learn new systems quickly.

  • Strong critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills, with the ability to establish credibility as a strategic thought partner.

  • Self-motivated and disciplined with the ability to define and achieve objectives with limited oversight if needed.

  • Advanced ability to manage vendors to align with marketing strategic goals.

  • Skilled at leading complex and large project teams/ employees and mentoring junior staff.

  • Familiar with various project management methodologies (e.g., scrum, waterfall, Agile, etc.)

  • Knowledgeable of relevant technologies: Sitecore CMS, Git, Grunt, and Team Foundation Server (TFS).

  • Ability to manage back-end build processes (DevOps), develop and maintain CMS and other applications; implement site search.

  • Ability to author standards-compliant HTML5, CSS, and client-side Javascript

  • Knowledgeable of relevant technologies: Sitecore CMS, Git, Grunt, and Team Foundation Server (TFS).

  • Ability to align with clinical staff who may or may not be familiar with agile or other PM methodologies. No, it's not just an IT thing, it's a human how we get shit done thing and agree on what success looks like thing and it's non-negotiable.

  • Sincere desire to foster deep and meaningful relationships with the people working together to solve problems. What that looks like in real life.

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