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What Marketers Can Learn from Healthcare

Healthcare is sometimes an often complicated and sometimes broken system but there are many smart people and organizations attempting to solve the problems of healthcare that come from siloing. Rebecca Onie created a system for doctors to address not just the physical ailment of patients but the external factors such as lack of food or heat that exacerbate and even cause the health issue.

Brands can also reflect on the reality that they rarely turn to consultants for their role as advisor, though they are uniquely equipped to fulfill that role. I'm not recommending brands hand over the strategic keys, but to at least listen to agencies and consultants as trusted advisors, judging them on the merits of past performance. It would be like every time your doctor made a recommendation that you have him or her give you the history behind that decision every possible outcome of that recommendation. Certainly we will want more than one opinion and we want sound thinking behind the recommendations made, but I don't need to become an expert just to align with my doctor on next steps.

How can brands know they're working with the right practitioner for their needs?

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