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Chapter 16 - Be a Leader - Taking (and Giving) a Seat at the Table

Leadership was the area where interviewees had the most diverse answers as to how this skill was pivotal to sustainable digital marketing. It's a balance of the desire to be a leader as well as our ability to give a seat at the leadership table.

In her groundbreaking book, "Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead" Sheryl Sandberg notes that women hold 14% of leadership positions in this country. For creatives that number is even lower, a conference called 3 percent was created to address this disparity.

Why is this important to digital marketing sustainability? Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor study from this year sited that women leaders outperform male counterparts on the four most important attributes of effective leadership including leading by example, open and transparent communication, admitting mistakes and bringing out the best in others.

Empowering women to become leaders is just one example of how leadership impacts digital marketing sustainability. "We are such still a relatively young industry," says Anne Kennedy, Founder of Outlines Venture "The skills required to become great leaders is like everything else we do, it's a learned commodity. We aren't just born with it."

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