Team Integration:
From Silos to Success

Consulting + Business Development






Good consultancy starts with understanding the business problem and the resources available to tackle that problem. Integration of teams, partners and business develoment processes is imperative to long-term project value and success. How can I help?

Content Strategy:
It's More than Content

Content Strategy is more than just words and images, it's the planning, audience, story, channels, promotion, process and measurement of your brand content. I'll coordinate with your product & brand managers, social community managers, Paid Media, PR, IT and business intelligence teams to create a content strategy that delivers results. Request for proposal.

Digital Strategy:
From Fragmentation to Informing the Customer Journey

"Digital" can mean a lot of things; from online channels to digital devices to media buys. I'll create a Digital Roadmap for your initiative or campaign that reduces fragmentation for your brand as well as for your customers. Getting started.

Digital Dashboards with a Story

Analytics dashboards are about more than numbers. It's about actionable analysis of those numbers. I'll work with your teams and partners to understand business problems as well as provide diagnosis and recommendations from your data sources as well as results of our digital and content strategies.

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